From the Beginning
The Lucketta Family
A New Genaration of Lucchetta's

From The Beginning : The Lucketta Family

The Lucketta Family
Mona Alien Kelly and Aldo Louis Lucketta
Aldo Lawrence Lucketta and Laura Elizabeth Lucketta
Welcome to The Lucketta Family webpage

In the coming weeks we will be collecting old family photos and placing them in the family section of the site.

Once the family has accurately determined who is in the photos, we will post them for the publics viewing.

In the beginning, from Italy, the family's last name was written as Lucchetta, a common Italian name.

Soon additional family members came to America, and the last name started changing to Luccketta - the one used the most. In some recorded documents we noticed the last name was changed or mis-spelled as Luchetta and not much later ... to Lucketta.

So, be patient as we up-load all of the old time pictures to various family sections of the site. I know we'll have a ball recounting the who, where, when and especially the what, as OPERATION REUNION begins.

Please E-mail your all of your pictures and geneology to
A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta : Guiseppi' grandson

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